Spring Screening: Are Your Screens Fit to be Seen?

Spring is beginning to bloom here on the North Olympic Peninsula, and if your screens are bent, torn, worn out, or in need of seasonal upgrading, now is the time to spring into action with home improvements before summer arrives!

You may be surprised to learn that window screens have evolved — and improved! — over the last several years.

No longer do screens just protect against an invasion of pesky insects every summer. Screens can also provide protection against damage caused by the sun, pets, and other daily environmental impacts that come with living in the Pacific Northwest.

How Screening Materials Have Evolved:

In the past, screening material was made of tightly woven aluminum fiber which was difficult to repair. Due to the difficulty in repairing the screens, homeowners had little choice but to watch and cringe as the screens became unsightly over time. Those days are over!

Thanks to modern advancements, there are now several options of materials to choose from when it comes to screening windows — not to mention multiple color choices, too! 


  • Aluminum
    • Pros: Very sturdy, resists corrosion, resists UV damage
    • Cons: More expensive, easily creased by debris or animals
  • Copper
    • Pros: Great for coastal areas, sturdy
    • Cons: More expensive
  • Fiberglass
    • Pros: Inexpensive, will not crease, flexible, multiple colors
    • Cons: Easily fades from sun, will tear easier


  • No See-um
    • Smaller mesh size to protect against gnats and sand flies
  • Pet Screen
    • Ultra strong for dogs, cats, or kids
  • Sunshade
    • Blocks more of UV light, protects furniture and curtains from sun damage
  • Ultra Vue
    • Enhanced clarity and improved airflow


  • Aluminum
    • Can be ordered with high shine
  • Fiberglass
    • Black and Grey
  • Sunshade
    • Beige, Black, Bronze, Desert Sand, Grey, or White

Update Your Outdated Screens Today — Call John with Checklist Home Services at (360) 214-1512

Don’t let all of spring pass by without tending to overdue screen repairs — for windows and doors! — that will improve your home and make the upcoming months more enjoyable here on the Peninsula, by protecting against invasive bugs, pawing animals, and sunlight damage on furniture.

Simply contact John, the OlyPen Handyman who is always improving, to discuss what changes can be made to improve your home or business today!