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What to know about Window Screen Repair from a Professional Handyman:

No longer do screens only protect against the invasion of pesky insects into your home every summer.

Screens now also provide protection against the damages caused by sunlight, animals, and daily environmental impacts here on the Olympic Peninsulabut even the best screen still requires maintenance!

When window screens have bents and dents, frays and gnaws, tears and wears, they cannot perform their functions properly and may even become hazardous in strong winds if they blow away due to an improper fit.

Screens left in disrepair only get worse with time, and the longer screen repairs are neglected the costlier those repairs become — all the more reason to take care of window screen repairs as soon as they are noticed! 


How Screening Materials Have Evolved and Improved:

In the past, screening material was made of tightly woven aluminum fiber which was difficult to repair.

Due to the difficulty in repairing the screens, homeowners had little choice but to watch and cringe as the screens became unsightly over time.

Thankfully, those days are over.

With modern advancements there are now several options of materials to choose from when it comes to screening windows — not to mention multiple color choices, too! 



    • pros: very sturdy, resists corrosion, resists UV damage
    • cons: more expensive, easily creased by debris or animals


    • pros: great for coastal areas, sturdy
    • cons: more expensive


    • pros: inexpensive, will not crease, flexible, multiple colors
    • cons: easily fades from sun, will tear easier



    • smaller mesh size to protect against gnats and sand flies


    • ultra strong for dogs, cats, and kids


    • blocks more UV light, protects furniture and curtains from sun damage


    • enhanced clarity and improved airflow



    • can be ordered with high shine


    • black and grey


    • beige, black, bronze, desert sand, grey, or white


Don’t let your screens bug you!

Call John, the OlyPen Handyman

(360) 214-1512. I will come out to your property and give you a no-obligation bid. See my Coverage Area Page here.

The time will vary, of course, depending on the size of the job. See my Rates Page here and don’t miss the 2018 New Client Special here.

Along with repairing your window screens, I will inspect the frame and surrounding infrastructure for damage at no extra cost and inform you of what my inspection reveals as well as remedy options.

Should your screens need inspecting, that is all the more reason to call for my services.

With my years of maintenance experience, I can quickly inspect your window screens for damage that you may not see, and I can make instant repairs that will save you time, money, and energy to devote to more enjoyable pursuits here on the Olympic Peninsula!

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