Beware of Hidden Dryer Dangers

If you can’t remember when you last cleaned your dryer vent — or have never cleaned it! — you are due for a cleaning now.

The National Fire Protection Association claims that dryer vents clogged with dust, fibers, and lint caused 30% of house fires from 2006-2010.

As well, the NFPA’s website states that between 2010 and 2014, fire departments in the United States responded on average to approximately 15,970 home fires each year that involved clothes dryers and washing machines, and caused 13 deaths, 444 injuries, and over $238 million in property damage.

But you can avoid becoming a dryer fire statistic!

Warning Signs of a Clogged Dryer Vent

  • Excess lint behind dryer
    • Clogged vents trap lint & lint will accumulate outside of vents
  • Excess lint on clothing
    • No airflow to remove lint
  • Excessive hot dryer and/or clothing
    • Cannot expel hot air
  • Longer dry time
    • Cannot expel moist air
  • Moldy smell
    • Excessive damp lint can grow mold
  • No lint on lint screen
    • No airflow to remove lint
  • Overheat shut off
    • Dryer cannot expel hot air

Common Problems with a Clogged Dryer Vent

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning (gas dryer)
    • Lint will block expelled gasses
  • Dryer fires
    • Lint is extremely flammable
  • Excess wear on dryer
    • Decreases the life of machine
  • Increased drying time and utility costs
    • It takes longer to dry laundry
  • Mold
    • Warm, damp lint is a perfect environment for mold to grow

Do not wait until it is too late!

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Dryer Maintenance Tips

  • Clean dryer vents at least once a year
  • If you use dryer sheets regularly, you may notice a white build-up on your lint screen
    • This is caused by the chemicals in the sheets attaching to the screen while venting
    • This can be removed with a general cleaning product (like Simple Green) and a small brush with water
  • Replace flexible dryer vents with rigid metal ducting
    • This is very important if you have a gas dryer


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Are you a resident in or near Sequim, Washington, with a dryer vent that is overdue for a cleaning?

In approximately one hour, John will have your dryer vent cleaned inside and out; this includes cleaning your dryer vent from the outside with a power rotation brush and a HEPA-filter vacuum which helps contain excess dust from spreading elsewhere. This process generally takes less than one hour to accomplish and it will provide you with hours of peace of mind for months to come.

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