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What to know about gutter cleaning from a professional handyman:

As a native Pacific Northwesterner and resident of Western Washington, I know what a tedious chore gutter cleaning is to accomplish — it is cold, wet, dirty, and hazardous!

But, did you know that gutter cleaning is one of the most important tasks you can do for the maintenance of your home?  It is also one of the most overlooked.

In fact, many homeowners are not able to see if their gutters are even clogged by debris unless they get up on a ladder to inspect — and they may not know what to look for!

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Check to see if your gutters are blocked:

Inspect the downspouts during a rainy period and see if water is flowing through, and if water is not flowing through then you likely have debris blocking the channel.

Industry professionals recommend the regular twice-a-year gutter cleaning: once in the springtime and again in the fall.

However, if you live in an area with a lot of trees — like Sequim and neighboring areas on the North Olympic Peninsula — you can expect to clean the gutters more than twice a year.


Common problems caused by neglected gutter maintenance:



    • the fascia covers the ends of rafters and can be made of wood or other materials
      • if the fascia is damaged there will be signs of deterioration, such as peeling paint
      • more advanced stages would include crumbling wood
        • the best way to protect against fascia damage is to ensure gutters are hung properly
          • roofing material should overlap into the gutters to prevent water from running behind the gutters, thereby protecting the fascia


    • the foundation is typically made of concrete below ground level and is the lowest, load-bearing part of the house


    • the roof covers the top of the house and can be made with various roofing materials
      • if the roof is damaged it could be from gutters that do not drain properly
        • standing water can freeze during winter months and create ice dams on the roof
        • excessive ice on a roof will cause roofing materials to fail quickly and repair costs to go up
          • the best way to protect against roof damage is to clean gutters of debris at least twice a year and maintain downspouts so water can flow out of the gutters


    • the siding covers the outer sides of the house and can be made of aluminum, wood, or other materials
      • if the siding is damaged or compromised there will be peeling paint, soft crumbling siding, water stains, and mildew
        • the best way to protect against siding damage is to ensure all gutters are functioning properly
          • also trim away plants/vegetation so nothing touches the siding
          • always use quality exterior paint or stain on siding


    • the soffit is the underside of a structure, such as overhanging eaves
      • if the soffit is damaged there will be cracks where the soffit is attached to siding, deteriorating wood, peeling paint, and sagging soffit
        • the best way to protect against soffit damage is to ensure gutters drain properly
          • there should be adequate overhang of roofing materials so that water from the roof is able to flow into gutters and not behind them 



    • corrosion
      • corrosion damage looks like rust spots or stains, found inside or outside of metal gutters
        • protect against corrosion by cleaning gutters at least twice a year to eliminate standing water
          • clean and dry gutters, and apply a quality paint when weather is permitting
    • damaged fasteners
      • a damaged fastener will pull gutters away from the side of the house and likely cause sagging gutters
        • fix damaged fasteners by replacing them with gutter screws
          • if the damage is excessive, it may be necessary to repair rafter ends before installing screws
    • holes in gutters
      • hole damage will look like a waterfall leaking from the bottom of gutters
        • protect against holes by cleaning gutters frequently
    • sagging gutters
      • similar to damage from fasteners, sagging gutters will likely have water flowing over the top of the gutter and may be hanging away from attachment points


Avoid ladders, problems, and dirty work!

Call me, John, the OlyPen Handyman, at (360) 214-1512

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Along with cleaning your gutters, I will inspect your roof for damaged or missing shingles at no extra cost and inform you of what my inspection reveals as well as remedy options.

Should your gutters be damaged, that is all the more reason to call for my services. I can repair most damaged gutters quickly and inexpensively, saving you time, money, and energy to devote to more enjoyable pursuits here on the Olympic Peninsula!

Thank You + Have a Nice Day!

John, The OlyPen Handyman

> Don’t forget to download my free one-page GUTTER CLEANING CHECKLIST! The PDF lists everything covered in this article in one efficient checklist! Use it to assess your own gutter cleaning needs and call me at (360) 214-1512 to complete the tasks on your list!

Click to Download: Free Gutter Cleaning Checklist by Checklist Home Services (360) 214-1512
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